I Wish I Could Live In The Clouds


My job requires that I fly a lot so I have, on occasion, captured the beauty of the clouds from above. They are truly amazing from that vantage point. On some of my longer flights I allow my mind to wander and daydream about what it would be like to live in the clouds.  Not literally, but figuratively in the sense of what clouds represent and their purpose.

When I think about clouds in their literal sense, they do a lot of things. They serve as barriers to the suns rays on hot summer days.  They absorb harmful radiation emitted by the suns rays. They help regulate the temperatures so our climate doesn’t get too hot or too cold.  They shift dust and bacteria across Earth to ensure our ecosystem stays regulated and performs as it should.

So let’s think about this for a moment.  Clouds serve as barriers to absorb, regulate and shift for our benefit and protection.  That sounds like a place I want to be.  In fact, it is somewhere I need to be.

Life constantly presents opportunities for self-doubt, negativity, blame, lack of accountability, etc.  A cloud of purpose serves as a barrier to the harmful effects of those things.  We should not be shortsighted to think that such a cloud is created solely on the good and easy things about our lives.  Real clouds are nothing more than water and/or ice droplets that collect on dust particles.  So too, our clouds of purpose can be a collection of good and bad experiences that we use to absorb negativity, regulate our passion and and shift us to positivity.

So yes, I wish I could live in the clouds of purpose and I will.

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