Make Every Day A “SNOW” Day!

Make Every Day a “Snow” Day

This morning, to my delight, our phone rang with a message from the school that due to the weather conditions school would be closed today. First thought?  Yay….SNOW DAY!!!!!  Even though my girls are older now and snow days mean they have more time to sleep, the thought of being able to spend some extra unplanned time with them incites joy in me.

Just as I was allowing myself to get swept away with my joy, my phone rang again.  It was my husband who was lamenting over the fact that an accident had traffic backed up for miles, delaying his commute to work. As he put it “all because of this stupid snow.”  I’m sure many people share in his sentiment this morning.  For most, snow represents  inconvenience, risk, delays, etc.  Those are definitely real feelings and/or concerns.

However, snow days aren’t all bad.  They can be personally fulfilling as well.  For me snow means: Seize New Opportunities to Win.  Easier said and done I know but not impossible. Focusing on the obvious inconveniences and challenges of life is simple. When you look outside and see snow in our minds it means delayed or canceled school, last minute childcare needed, delays in traveling to work, possible accidents, etc.  The tough part is to look at life inconveniences as opportunities to win.

The win doesn’t have to be big.  It can be as simple as allowing yourself to be taught a new lesson each and every day.  Sitting on the interstate on a snowy day like today could be life’s way of reminding you to slow down and take in the scenery that you speed by and take for granted everyday.  That scenery for me today is my girls.  The win is making more memories that will last even though the snow melts.

When life throws hurdles or inconveniences your way, think about the upside of those challenges.  Be determined to find and seize new opportunities to win and make every day a “snow” day.

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