Have A Month Full of Mondays!


Yesterday, as I was mentally preparing for the week, I started to think about why Monday gets such a bad rap. While we celebrate and revel in the nearing of Friday, we move along with drudgery and sadness as we near Monday. In fact, when things go wrong we will blame it on the fact that it is Monday or say things like “This is my Monday”, or “I’m having a month full of Mondays.” Why is that?

For most people, Monday means an end to freedom and time off to do whatever one pleases. Monday means it’s time to go back to work. Back to answering to the demands of others and back to a job that merely pays the bills. In the thick of all of that, we often fail to celebrate the good that Mondays represent and the opportunities they present.

Think about it. When you decide to diet or make a lifestyle change, what day do you most often select as the start date? Monday. When you plan to take vacation what day of the week do you decide to “officially” start the good times? Monday. When you get a new job or are promoted into a new position with new pay, etc., what day does that often start on? Monday. Hopefully, by now, you can see where I am going with this.

Mondays can be viewed in 2 ways. You can see them as those hateful days that put an end to your weekend. Or you can see them as a chance to try something different, celebrate change, or the start to a brand new ending. Either way Monday will be here same time next week and while that fact won’t change, your perspective can.

Mine did. Last night I made a resolve to have a month full of Mondays. Not the bad kind of Mondays. But the Monday’s that present opportunities for change, chances for growth and opportunities to start a brand new ending each and every day.

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