Each morning I wake up resolved to smile.

While you remain content to frown.

Denying all the goodness of life.

While I bask in the beauty all around.

Each day I count all my blessings.

Not the worries I cannot control.

Each day you anticipate bad things.

You never see your glass as half full.

Each day I try to make new memories.

Yet each day you refuse to forget.

Things that happened in our history.

Because you’re not ready to let go of them yet.

You have broken your heart in to pieces.

Trying to hold on to the pain.

Trying to stop life and time.

But your efforts are futile and all in vain.

As much as it pains me to see you hurt.

As hard as it is to just let you be.

I’ve come to accept that you are broken.

And I refuse to let you break me.

Never Forget That Behind the Clouds The Sun is Always Shining


With life’s rushes and stresses, I have gotten away from my normal routine of waking up and taking in the world through nature. Before I lost sight of the importance of my routine, I used to sit and listen in awe to the harmonious sounds of the birds chirping while feeling the gentle breeze blow as the sun shined brightly on my skin. Yes, I used to bask in the beauty of it all.

Until…that one morning when the sun wasn’t evidently shining and the clouds turned my beautiful blue sky into a hazy gray. Undesirable to say the least so I told myself not to go out that day. I rationalized there was no use in sitting outside and taking in the clouds. I assumed their presence would diminish my experience. That nature somehow became unavailable because  there were clouds.  The other faulty assumption I made was that rain was sure to follow so I reassured myself that I was doing  the right thing. After all, no one wants to be caught outside in the rain, right?

Because of my shortsighted view and a string of cloudy days, that routine that I once relied upon to jumpstart my day had quickly become that thing I used to do. You know, before the clouds came and took it away. Little did I know, I took it away. The clouds had nothing to do with it.

So this morning, in spite of the gray skies, I went out anyway. I am happy to say that my routine welcomed me with open arms.  The birds were still harmoniously singing. The cool breeze was still blowing. And yes, the sun was still shining, peeking through the gray sky and lining the clouds in a golden  hue.  I smile as I write this because I realize I have just been taught some valuable lessons:

1. Sometimes we allow the slightest thing to become an excuse when life becomes less than routine. It is imperative that we find the strength and courage to push forward.

2. Clouds don’t  always mean rain. In life, sometimes cloudy moments provide a much
needed break from the heat of life. We should learn to embrace them for they challenge us to see things differently and to find value in things that have been deemed valueless at times.

3. The sun always shines even if it is behind the clouds. This is my greatest lesson. The sun let’s nothing diminish it’s strength,  power and value. It shines brightly in spite of the clouds. The sun is completely content to be behind the scenes sometimes. It knows that whether it is shining bright or lining the clouds with a golden hue, it is valuable. It has a routine and rises and sets each day, no matter what.

May we all make the time to shine whether we are out in front or behind the clouds.  We should always remember that value is not who sees what you do, it’s who feels what you do even when you’re not visible. Like the sun I’m going to stick to my routine , no matter what.