Statistically Speaking

8477760666_79f8293e40I must inform you that I am a statistic. Not the “whoa is me” statistic.  Rather, that “look at me now” statistic.

See choices were made that started out bad or unwise. But subsequent choices led me to such an amazing and better life.

You don’t have to understand how I could be so positive at this stage. To just be gaining my freedom at such a “late” age.

After having parented kids from my teens, thru the fun twenties and into  my late thirties.But my redirected path saved my life. It helped and never hurt me.

For life can teach you lessons if you open up your eyes and allow them to see. I allowed myself to experience such lessons so my girls could do better than me.

So yes, I missed out on the parties and living a wild and free life. Yes, I traded in my so-called freedom, instead choosing to be a mother and wife.

Looking back on it all,  I have no regrets, no reason to sigh or moan. Because my life has been full, memories plentiful and my house is truly a home.

So no, I don’t envy those who chose a different path. We are all statistics. It’s just a matter of how you do your math.

For me one plus one equals love, happiness and a family of four. What started out as a statistic has turned into so much  more.

Statistically speaking, I am a success story.



Sitting on a crowded airplane this morning with people to my left and the window to my right. Everyone around me is asleep so I chose to stare out of the window. It is then that my mind condemned me. For in my haste to take care of my life, I became too busy to appreciate everything else. Did I tell him loved him before I left for the airport? Nope, too busy. Did I thank the TSA agent for speedily getting me thru security? Nope, too busy. Did I take a moment to pray and thank God for another day of life? No, because I was just to busy. I was self consumed with my wants and my needs. The irony of it all is being too busy is being selfish which means you can one day find all you have is yourself left…and life is no fun alone. So as I stare out of this window into the sky, I am reminded that the only thing I should be too busy for is living in a world that revolves around me.


1391753209_5bca7bcebaOne thing I realized is that people, including me, are quick to point out the flaws of others.  All the while, walking around as if the mirrors they gaze into have permanent filters blocking out the negative qualities they possess within themselves.  I say, the flaws in others and the company you keep is a mirror many choose not to look into.

If your children disappoint you and you are not happy with their choices in life, look in the mirror…what qualities of yours are they reflecting?  If your staff doesn’t cooperate, is change resistant and doesn’t work up to their potential…look in the mirror.  They say the tone of the team starts at the top so what kind of leader are you?  If your mate doesn’t fit your definition of perfect anymore and you can only focus on their less desirable attributes, think for a second – is there anything desirable about you they can focus on?

We should never be so shortsighted so as to think that it is only others that can bring out the worst in us.  We have to be honest with ourselves and give pause to the fact that perhaps we are bringing out the worst in them.  So whenever you feel the need to be critical or recommend someone else change…STOP!!! Look in your mirror, remove the filter and remember…what you see and don’t like in those around you might just be the reflection of who you really are.  Every person, interaction, and transaction is a mirror. Make sure when you are done with that mirror, you don’t leave it dirty and/or broken.

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To Live In Color

4007726801_35cceebc5dGazing out into the distance this morning and I can see the amazing array of colorful fall foliage.  Pondering over this, I am reminded that we were not made to see the world in just black and white.  We have a rainbow of colors in nature to remind us that no one color is more special than the other.  And while a red leaf is beautiful on its own, its beauty is enhanced when it exists among an array of different but equally beautiful shades of nature.  For me to walk through life seeing myself as merely black or white, is to limit my beauty and deprives me from co-existing in my rightful place among all God’s beautiful creations in nature.  Further, it gives undeserved power to those who chose to wear sunglasses to mute out the color spectrum of life.  For no one ever gazed in awe at a rainbow because it was alternating stripes of black and white.

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Don’t Forget To Live!


Sometimes I have to remind myself….In the midst of snapping pics of my life, chatting about my life and tweeting about my life, I can’t forget to face my life, to read the book of life and to do something with my life. I can’t be  so consumed with posting to my highlight reel that I forget the real highlight….actually living!

Eyes Wide Shut

6962997094_89bc656132Listening to the television this morning and I heard several messages. 1 – I need the latest iPhone or Samsung phone to be happy. 2 – McDonald’s serving breakfast all day must be the answer to my prayers. 3 – Obviously I need a new car because the  commercial tells me the one I am driving isn’t quality because it’s not a Mercedes. *sigh* Some may listen to these messages but I will not.  While others choose to keep their eyes open, living for what society wants for them…I choose to keep mine shut and dream about what I want for myself.  For I see with my heart which gives me the strength to live my life with my eyes wide shut.

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2015-10-15 07.28.06

Reflecting on my life and legacy, I realize I need to be deliberate about where I place my feet and leave my footprints.  I don’t want to leave my footprints in the sands of time where the changing tide and crashing waves of society and individual priorities will cause them to quickly disappear.  No, I want to stomp my footprints into hearts for there is where time nor distance, life nor death can take them away.