Sitting on a crowded airplane this morning with people to my left and the window to my right. Everyone around me is asleep so I chose to stare out of the window. It is then that my mind condemned me. For in my haste to take care of my life, I became too busy to appreciate everything else. Did I tell him loved him before I left for the airport? Nope, too busy. Did I thank the TSA agent for speedily getting me thru security? Nope, too busy. Did I take a moment to pray and thank God for another day of life? No, because I was just to busy. I was self consumed with my wants and my needs. The irony of it all is being too busy is being selfish which means you can one day find all you have is yourself left…and life is no fun alone. So as I stare out of this window into the sky, I am reminded that the only thing I should be too busy for is living in a world that revolves around me.

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