Statistically Speaking

8477760666_79f8293e40I must inform you that I am a statistic. Not the “whoa is me” statistic.  Rather, that “look at me now” statistic.

See choices were made that started out bad or unwise. But subsequent choices led me to such an amazing and better life.

You don’t have to understand how I could be so positive at this stage. To just be gaining my freedom at such a “late” age.

After having parented kids from my teens, thru the fun twenties and into  my late thirties.But my redirected path saved my life. It helped and never hurt me.

For life can teach you lessons if you open up your eyes and allow them to see. I allowed myself to experience such lessons so my girls could do better than me.

So yes, I missed out on the parties and living a wild and free life. Yes, I traded in my so-called freedom, instead choosing to be a mother and wife.

Looking back on it all,  I have no regrets, no reason to sigh or moan. Because my life has been full, memories plentiful and my house is truly a home.

So no, I don’t envy those who chose a different path. We are all statistics. It’s just a matter of how you do your math.

For me one plus one equals love, happiness and a family of four. What started out as a statistic has turned into so much  more.

Statistically speaking, I am a success story.

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