March to Happiness – #HappyActs Day 2

It has been a while since I have consistently blogged but I made a promise to myself that I would get back into the swing of things with the start of this lovely month.  March…the time of year when the seasons change and the promise of spring becomes a reality.  When renewed life manifests itself in baby birds chirping, flowers budding, sun shining and the warmth of its rays that encourages us to take in the cleansing breeze.

March has also come to mean something else to me thanks to Live Happy magazine. I was introduced to this magazine a couple of years ago by a friend and executive coach.   I was immediately attracted to the premise that happiness can be a facet of our everyday lives.  I was also attracted to the notion that happiness is something we are not something we strive to get.  It doesn’t come from things, rather is self-manufactured through our own experiences and the perspective that lies within each interaction.  We can choose to be happy.

With March 20 being designated as the International Day of Happiness, Live Happy has provided the opportunity to be mindfully happy each day during the month of March through its March to Happiness campaign.  Through a series of guided #HappyActs, Live Happy reminds us that we can indeed be happy each and everyday.  Not the fairy tale, “happily ever after” happy.  The realistic, I did something good and changed a life kind of happy.  So each day I will be posting that day’s #HappyActs and how I completed it.  I am behind so we are starting with Day 2.  I will, however, go back and post Day 1 (Forgiveness) – whew it was a hard one!

static1.squarespace.comSo here goes – Day 2 is “I will write a positive review online.’

This sounds easy but I think it is in most people’s nature to leave negative feedback as opposed to positive feedback.  Personally, I always felt like a good experience or good quality was expected when paying for goods or services so extra acknowledgement or commendation isn’t required.  I also felt it was my duty to point out when something was wrong.  But as I was looking for something to write a positive review on, I started thinking about the stress that accompanies leaving a negative review. I usually find myself all worked up and intent on making someone pay for my poor experience.  In the end, most times, all I get is an apology and maybe a refund or discount on a future purchase.  But those things pale in comparison to the physiological impacts on my body.  They also do very little for the shame I should feel for acting so unreasonable with people who have little control over company policy or procedure.

I am grateful that Live Happy reminded me to take the time to do this today.  I went online and wrote a positive review for an Ellie Claire journal I purchased from Amazon a while back. It seems like a small thing but it felt really good and I was the first one to review it.   My review is pending approval by Amazon but feel free to check the link above to see what I wrote and to pick up that journal…it really is amazing!

So what about you?  Were you able to complete today’s #HappyActs and if so, what did you do?  Let me know!


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