I’m Really Doing This!

PhotoGrid_1457483419275I’m really doing this!  I have decided to take my inspiration to a whole new level. I’m excited to share that last week I signed up as a Beachbody coach and started an Internship training. I have been a longtime Beachbody customer (dating back to the early Turbo Jam days – Go Chalene!) and drink Shakeology daily. Recently, I decided to up my commitment level and really dedicate myself to training because I set some fitness and health goals that I want to reach. Summer is coming and I want to improve my health, lose some weight and help others in the process.

I realize that not everyone may understand or get what I’m doing and my reasons why, but this entire journey means so much to me! I don’t usually open up about my struggles with weight but I am learning that to be authentic you have to be honest. So far, I’ve learned a lot about myself, about what I’m capable of, and more importantly, how to be more of an impact in helping OTHER people!

In the few weeks since I re-dedicated myself, I am down 10 pounds and several inches total. If this is what month 1 looks like, I can’t even wait to see what month 6 will look like!!! Stay tuned!!!!

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