Thursday March 10, 2016 – “Say Hello”

Good morning!  I am in an exceptionally good mood this morning!  Woke up early, had a delicious #Shakeology shake for breakfast (Cafe’ Latte is the best), and meditated for a few minutes to clear my mind.  The forecast calls for summer like weather today so I am looking forward to a mid-morning walk around the neighborhood to soak up the sun.

Now for the real reason I am writing this morning. I am back to share today’s #HappyActs and it is a good one – I will say good morning to 3 strangers.

3.10.16This is a good one.  I generally don’t have an issue with saying “hello” to strangers.  Growing up in a rural area, it was just something you did.  You didn’t have to truly know a person to greet them.  If they lived in your town, they were your neighbors whether you saw them everyday or once in a while.  When I worked in the city, I was initially appalled at how “rude” people appeared to be – as if raising one’s hand and saying “hello” was such a chore.

I also notice a lack of cordiality in my corporate home office every time I visit.  The main hallway is very wide and a number of people stroll through at any given moment during the day.  I laugh as I think about the “wall-huggers.”  You know, those people who look like they would rather hug the wall than make eye contact for fear they may be obligated to say something to you.  Who knew something so simple strikes fear in so many?

Even though I work from home, I am going to take a trip to a local store and find 3 people to say “good morning” to.  This is a good exercise because you never know when your friendly hello and smile will be just the lift someone needed to have a great day!  For tips on how to accomplish this and other #HappyActs, please visit

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