True Definition of Success

As I look back on my career, there have been many peaks and valleys.  I choose to focus not on what has been achieved but what it took to achieve it.  For the lessons that come out of those battles and struggles have taught me more than the momentary celebrations ever will.  I believe you are only as great as the obstacles you have to overcome.

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Begin again…

25062349765_439a0037bcEvery day the sun starts over.  After spending the night tucked away somewhere in the atmosphere, it eagerly rises each morning to begin the day again…and again…and again.  We can take from the sun.  Each day is a new day and a chance to learn something new, be something new, make an impactful difference again…and again…and again.  But you have to be willing to humble yourself and be content to be a beginner…to start anew.  Being an expert is grand…but nothing compares to the excitement and newness that comes from looking at the world as a beginner.

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