Are you eating super foods???

c1b5fb12-67ea-41f8-9db3-ac15f5325e75Wheat grass.  Doesn’t sound like it taste’s good at all.  But when I think about the good it does for my body, who cares about the taste?  And thanks to Shakeology, wheat grass tastes like coffee because it is one of the many super foods in my Cafe Latte flavored Shakeology.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard or unpleasant.  You can get wheatgrass, ashwaganda, and other powerful super foods in one shake.  Interested in trying it?  Ask me how you can get a sample pack. #bestrongerthanyourexcuses #healthiestmealoftheday #putYOUfirst #healthafterthyroidcancer #thyroidcancersurvivor #youarewhatyoueat #investinyourself #Aug7ShakeologyChallenge

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