You’re in full swing, extra motivated as you travel this journey to a new and improved you.  You know what you want to accomplish, whether it’s to lose a few pounds, inches, tone some trouble areas, eat better or learn how to work out consistently.  It’s great you have set those goals for yourself but what’s most important is the why.  Not the “I want to fit into a bathing suit or a new pair of shorts” why but the “deep down, sentimental, heart wrenching” why.

I’m going to share mine.  It was November 2005 and I was at the peak of life.  My daughters were growing older and needed me less.  I had just finished my B.S. in Legal Studies the year before and had a promising career in a corporate legal office.  I was driven and knew I had so much more to offer so I decided I would take the LSAT (law school entrance exam) and go to law school. WhyI had it all mapped out.  And I did it.  I sat for the test, received my scores and by February of 2006, I decided to apply to a local law school.  Then came 10 pounds.

In March of 2006, I noticed I was overly tired for no reason.  My usual anal retentive self started to be less organized and driven.  Housework and chores started to slip.  I just wanted to sleep.  Then came 10 more pounds.  In April I had my yearly gyn appointment and my doctor suggested I see a specialist about my ever growing thyroid. In my mind I was like “here we go again.”  I had blood work done repeatedly and it always came back the same – normal. I told her I would think about.

In May, I received a new opportunity at another company with a 50% salary increase so I took it.  While shopping for new clothes for my prestigious new role, another 10 pounds came.  Wait…what is going on here????  Then I thought back to my conversation with my doctor and decided to move on her suggestion.  I set up an appointment at a world-class teaching hospital but had to wait months to be seen.  “No big deal” I thought.  It’s nothing serious.

Fast forward to September – first visit with the endocrinologist.  First the student examined me.  Then the real professional came in.  “Swallow” he said.  “Hmph”, was his reply.  Then he said he needed me to go for an ultrasound right away.  He explained that he felt four nodules throughout my thyroid and that he needed to rule out something serious.

Now, I am a “cup half full” kind of girl so I sashayed my way to the radiology department to set up the appointment. A week later, I was laid flat on a table with a technician and radiologist looking at the pictures on the screen, making funny noises and talking about my nodules.  It was all but confirmed that I had thyroid cancer but I would need to come back for a biopsy.  Wait, what???

I won’t belabor the rest of the details but a week later I found out I had malignant papillary thyroid carcinoma and two weeks after that I had my thyroid removed.  During the course of that ordeal, I had to stop and ask myself how I got to that point in my life.  I reflected on all the things I may miss in my kids lives if it I couldn’t be treated.  It was then that I slowly started to realize my why.  Accepting it has been a struggle but I am finally at a place of sharing it and working with it.  So here is my why:

Because I know what it feels like to waste precious moments not knowing if you will get any more chances to make memories and to leave a lasting impact on this world.  My ability to help others feel good about themselves starts with me feeling good about myself.

So there you have it…that’s my why. It’s not flashy or over complicated but is meaningful to me.  What’s yours?

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I Did It – Food Prep Success!

I’m a little late posting but wanted to circle back to share that I did successfully prep all of my food for the week.  It was a long tedious process but oh so worth it.  For anyone reluctant to invest the time and energy into doing, I say do it.  the 3 hours spent on Sunday is saving me so much time during the week.  It’s easier to stick to my eating plan and to spend less time in the kitchen and more time living!photogrid_1458521468558.jpg

Planning to Succeed – Meal Prepping

24550301721_6cec73c36f_nLast week was a complete and total nutritional nightmare for one reason, and one reason only…I did not plan out my meals.  I had to travel for business so I assumed my eating would be “off” so I gave no thought to planning how to stay on track.  Bad, bad, bad I know.  I reasoned that once I got home Wednesday I would resume my mindful eating habits only to find that my fridge was on the fritz so all of my healthy food – GONE!!!  I don’t need to finish the rest of the story because we all know how it ends…with fast food too many calories and disappointment.  Where is the willpower????

So this week I decided I wanted to get back to being deliberate about what I am putting in my body.  As I was watching the latest episode of Fit to Fat to Fit, something the trainer said resonated with me.  He hadn’t eaten “junk” in 22 years because he used food as fuel not as a reward or for satisfaction.  Interesting????  I have heard that before but this time, it really resonated with me.  Why? Because I noticed that lately, food has been my go to for everything!  When I am having a bad day, I eat.  When want to celebrate a professional accomplishment, I eat.  When I feel like being lazy, eat.  When I talk on the phone with my bestie, we talk about eating.  Something has to change.  I have to change.

So, I decided to make a small investment into changing.  I ordered Pakkon 3 Compartment Bento Boxes. 20160319_121136.jpg   I like the fact that they have three compartments so I can choose to incorporate my fruits into a meal without having to worry about the savory parts of my meal messing up the taste.  I also like the fact that they are stack-able so they should fit nicely in my fridge.  Now all I have to do is plan out what to put in them and I will be well on my way with meal planning.

I have often heard the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”  I definitely lived that this week and am taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  My health and well-being are very important and I am confident that I am headed in the right direction.  More pics to come once I fill those boxes with healthy eats!


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If not now…when?

In 2006 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I just knew that would be the push I would need to be more aware of my health and to make better decisions – eat healthier, work out more, etc. Fast forward to 10 years later and the struggle is still very real and my attempts to stay the course of being more mindful about my health and wellness have come and gone like the wind.

I corrupted my family too. Fatty fried foods, carbohydrate laden side dishes and no green vegetables on the plate unless they were cooked and smothered beyond recognition became the norm. But as they say, you can’t out exercise a poor diet and I am living proof of the trueness of that statement. Tired of being confused as to why I am exercising but not seeing results, I decided for once I was going to make a change.

PhototasticCollage-2016-03-11-22-06-19So, I started drinking Shakeology. Best decision ever. Then I decided I would reboot by doing the 3 Day Refresh. The results were wonderful. After 3 days I was down 6 pounds and lost more than 5 inches total. I immediately followed the Refresh with 21 Day Fix and it was another great decision. I learned that with a little prep, eating right is possible. I also learned that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym every day to see results. Just a little consistency each day coupled with eating right and the results will come. But most importantly, I learned that the physical transformation is just the icing, the mental transformation…now that’s the cake.

Fast forward to today and I have more energy. I genuinely feel good in the mornings because I know I am taking positive steps to improve my health and well-being. For me, it’s not about a number on the scale. Rather it is about the personal satisfaction I get from knowing I am doing something for me and that this time, I am sticking to it.

So what about you? Are you tired of going through the same old routine and never seeing results? Are you looking for simple ways to improve your diet? Perhaps you struggle with meal planning and want someone to help guide you? If this sounds like you, please send me a private message so we can connect. I am hosting an accountability challenge starting Monday March 28 and I am looking for 5 people who are ready to make a commitment to improve their health and well-being. I promise to support you along the way. In fact, we will support each other. This is as much my journey as it is yours. Ask yourself – If not now, when? Send me an email at jebspinder@gmail.com if you are interested so we connect on how we can help each other.

My Transformation – Why?

I am so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support since announcing my decision to invest in my health and well-being as a coach. I am amazed at the encouragement and votes of confidence I have received from many!

Now you might be wondering why someone who is currently enjoying a measure of success and satisfaction from her “day” job is doing this.  I’ll tell you… They are pictured here.PhotoGrid_1457661076430.jpg

My beautiful daughters and the circle of lovely women I am a part of. The last year has been a struggle physically and emotionally. I leaned on my support system,  asking them to give me more than I was willing to give myself. All of the neglect I heaved on my body…i knew it was time for a change. And I realized that the same way I can inspire others with my words,  I should be inspiring them with my deeds. I want to be here and to be healthy for my girls. I want to set the example that no matter what you should never neglect yourself and you should never neglect to help others along the way!


I’m Really Doing This!

PhotoGrid_1457483419275I’m really doing this!  I have decided to take my inspiration to a whole new level. I’m excited to share that last week I signed up as a Beachbody coach and started an Internship training. I have been a longtime Beachbody customer (dating back to the early Turbo Jam days – Go Chalene!) and drink Shakeology daily. Recently, I decided to up my commitment level and really dedicate myself to training because I set some fitness and health goals that I want to reach. Summer is coming and I want to improve my health, lose some weight and help others in the process.

I realize that not everyone may understand or get what I’m doing and my reasons why, but this entire journey means so much to me! I don’t usually open up about my struggles with weight but I am learning that to be authentic you have to be honest. So far, I’ve learned a lot about myself, about what I’m capable of, and more importantly, how to be more of an impact in helping OTHER people!

In the few weeks since I re-dedicated myself, I am down 10 pounds and several inches total. If this is what month 1 looks like, I can’t even wait to see what month 6 will look like!!! Stay tuned!!!!

It’s Not About My Waist, It’s About My Waste


There it is…the bin of shame.  It glares at me every time I step into my basement.  When I dare pillage through it to find that lost article that may still fit, it mocks me and reminds me of the countless dollars I have wasted because of my lack of willpower and self-discipline.

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books lately.  Books about mindfulness, healthy eating, the benefits of exercise…all stuff I already know.  I’ve been on social media, following this person for fitspiration and liking this one because of their miracle workout plan.  But what I am noticing is that the extent of my efforts lie with the turn of a page or the click of the mouse.  When it comes to actually getting my butt up off the couch and doing something, well….that’s a different story.

Since my kids left home a couple of months ago, I have truly let it all go.  I have gained ten pounds and have no motivation to do anything about it…until now.  Winter is coming so I decided to trek down to the basement to take inventory of what I have for the season.  The short answer…NOTHING!!!!  Not because of my waist, but because of my waste.  Wait…what????

You read that right.  My wasteful mentality told me it was okay to camouflage my lack of discipline and self-care with new bigger clothes.  I could simply just toss the old ones down in the basement, out of sight and out of mind.  The fact that my waist continues to expand is a small issue in comparison to the waste that is sitting in that bin.  When I sit back and really think about it, I could probably retire on the all the money spent over the last 10 years as I fluctuated in effort, care and waist size.

So the million dollar question is…what am I going to do about it?  Well, step one is to be more accountable.  What better way to do that than to share my journey to less wastefulness publicly. So that’s what I am going to do.  I am going to be vulnerable, open and honest about my waste so I can be honest about my waist.