Broken Glass

brokenA broken glass is of no use. In fact it’s dangerous. The sharp edges can cut you and others, potentially leaving a deep wound. Ask yourself…am I a broken glass??? ‪#‎perspectiveiseverything‬

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Hello, July!

As I take time to reflect on the fact that 2016 is half over, I get a little discouraged.  All those things I set out to do at the beginning of the year…well most of them still remain undone and I feel like my time is running out.  The enthusiasm I had in January is no more.  Then I ran across an article that characterized July as the new January.  Wait…I like that!

July is the new JanJuly is the new January in the sense that it is the perfect time to reassess, reevaluate and regroup on my goals.  I don’t have to dread the fact that the year is half over.  Instead I can view it as I still have more time to accomplish what I set out to do in 2016.  So instead of dreading July, I welcome it.  Hello, July!  Let’s begin again!

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When I turn XX I am going to….. When I save $$ I plan to….. When I find Mr. Right I know I will…. When my kids get older I’ll finally be able to….. When I find out he is acting up I will… When my boss calls me in to her office I will… When I get back from vacation I will… When Monday get’s here I will…

WhenEverything is “when” as if there is some perfect moment to make a move, make change and be better. Like we must continue to cope with, put up with, deal with other people’s mess, fears, let downs limitations, expectations and make them our own. As if tomorrow presents a more favorable season than today.

Why not make today “When”sday???? ‪#‎perspectiveiseverything‬

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Put First Things First

Habit 3Personal Development thought of the day….
Putting first things first is critical to successful self management. Effective self management encompasses exercising independent will and practicing discipline.  You have to develop a value proposition and make sure that your actions work in harmony with it.  Most importantly, you have to take the time to identify  your main thing, assign it first position and take the steps necessary to ensure it stays there.
Source:  Covey, S. (2004). The 7 habits of highly successful people. New York:NY
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Personal Development – By Design or By Default?

Personal development is key!  If you are not already aware of where you are,  you will not be able to successfully direct yourself to where you want to be.  How much time are you devoting to growth and personal development?  How much do you read?  I have been neglectful of this but decided to get back on track.  Right nIMG_20160607_055423_255000ow, I am revisiting a personal favorite – The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

Today’s reading was on Habit 2 –  Begin with the end in mind.  The excepts pictured are particularly meaningful to me.  The idea of dual creation was unique when I first read it but definitely made sense.  The key point for me is this – Our first creation stems from external forces around us.  Our second creation can either be ours or that of someone else’s design based on their agenda…IF WE LET THEM.  “In our personal lives, if we do not develop our own self awareness, we empower other people and circumstances outside our Circle of Influence to shape much of our lives.  We reactively live the scripts handed to us by family, associates, other people’s agendas, the pressure of circumstances…” (p. 107).  Beginning with the end in mind is critical to living a life by design and not a life by default.  Which one are you living?

Source:  Covey, S. 2004. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. New York, NY

Believing in Your Own Hype

25727109780_1b1f1f4609That’s not true because…hmph.  A strange but true concept.  My inner pessimist is weighing heavy on my outer optimist.  An internal war of sorts and negativity has been winning.  But not anymore. It all stops today.  Well, maybe tomorrow. Actually, I don’t know if it will ever stop but I’ll keep telling myself it will.

One day I logged in to my company’s intranet site and saw a blog post by our CEO.  It was thought provoking to say the least.  The question he posed was “have you found what
matter?”  What bothered me the most about the questions was I couldn’t immediately answer.  I managed to craft a nice response in which I made reference to our values.  But after hitting send I realized two things: (1) I didn’t answer the questions; and (2) I didn’t answer it because I didn’t believe in my own hype.

“Hype” is a fascinating term.  It can take on various meanings.  It can mean to be full of it.  Or it can mean to boost something or someone up.  My use of the term takes on the later meaning.  I love to hype those around me.  I hate the thought of someone being down when I know I am capable of picking them up.  Knowing just what to say is a gift of sorts.  A gift I can always seem to give everyone but myself.  I can “fix” others around me even if only temporarily but I cannot seem to avoid staying broken.

I know I am not the only “me” out there.  I know there are others who are great at being someone else’s “hype” man and who fail miserably at hyping themselves.  So I decided to share my journey to becoming my own hype man in hopes of helping others.  My hope is to help others do a few things:

(1) Acknowledge that it is okay to have these feelings;

(2) Get out of your own emotional way; and

(3) Find small ways to be your own hype man so you can feel as great about yourself as you make others feel about themselves.

It’s that simple.  Not rocket science.  No PhD required.  Just an open mind and open heart.  Follow me with this in mind and I promise to do the same as I put “pen” to paper.

Next up…”How I Got Into the Hype Business”….

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